Guangzhou wholesale markets - a wholesale heaven


Guangzhou has hundreds of different wholesale markets for various products. It serves as a distribution center for traders in all of South China and the whole world. For buyers who are looking for smaller quantities than a 40 foot container of each item, the wholesale markets here are like heaven.

Guangdong province is famous for its fabric, garments, leather and electronics industries. Therefore, you will find numerous wholesale markets for all these products. But they are not limited to only those industries. Here you will find a list of some of the biggest wholesale markets and industries in Guangzhou.

We have maps of most of these markets so you can go there yourself. But in most markets, the sellers' English is quite bad so it is advisable to bring an interpreter with you. You can find many of those online. If you need any recommendations, feel free to send us an email.

Leather, leather bags, belts, fashion accessories, shoes wholesale markets

The leather area close to Zi Yuan Gang is the place to go. A number of multi-story malls with branded and unbranded bags, made from leather or PU. You can also stroll the side-streets to find cheaper alternatives, although the quality might be lower. Baiyun leather trading centre and Yi Sen leather market are both in Zi Yuan Gang.

Global International shoes Trade Centre
Guangzhou Baiyun world leather trading centre
Guangzhou Euro Commercial Plaza Shoes City
Guangzhou Jin Ma Shoes City
New Continent Footwear Plaza
Shiling international leather city
Yi Sen leather market

Clothing wholesale markets

There is a huge number of clothing and garment wholesale markets close to Guangzhou railway station. Fashion, casual wear, bags and accessories. Everything can be found in the multiple markets around here. For children's clothing and maternal items you can also go to Fu Li market and Kids' world at Zhongshanba lu.

Bai ma garment wholesale market
Fu Li kids world
Hui Mei fashion clothing market
Jin Xiang underwear wholesale market
Liuhua clothing wholesale market
The First Tunnel clothes market
Zhan Xi Lu Garment wholesale market
Zhongshanba children's garment market

Hotel articles, porcelain, kitchenware wholesale markets

Nantiang hotel articles market is your prime location for anything you need in a hotel. Bedsheets, uniforms, tableware, kitchenware, kitchen appliances and much more. Foreigners could go there to find western style tableware without all the flower or dragon decorations that is usually found in retail shops.

Guangzhou Nantian international hotel market
Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City

Computer, mobile and electronics

Tianhe area has multiple wholesale markets as well as retail shops for anything computer related.

New Asia mobile phone accessories market
Pacific Computer Market (太平洋电脑城)
Printer Material Market
Xicheng Commercial Electric Appliances Centre
Zhong Liu Computer Market

Toys and gift items wholesale markets

One Link plaza and other markets close to Haizhu square are the most popular toy and gift wholesale markets for foreigners. You can easily do retail here, although at a higher price. Don't forget to bargain.

Onelink plaza, toy and gift items
Yide Toys and Gifts Wholesale Centre

Antique, jade and jewellry wholesale markets

Jewellry, jade and antique markets can be found close to Changshou Lu. For costume jewelry you should visit Taikang Square or Xijiao market.

Liwan plaza jewellery market
Taikang square jewelry market
The Street for jade articles
Xiguan Antique City
Xijiao jewelry market
Yuansheng Crafts Market

Lights wholesale markets

Guangzhou NanTian International Light Center

Beauty and cosmetics products wholesale markets

Eva plaza cosmetics market

Auto parts and motorcycle parts wholesale markets

Guangzhou Baiyun Motorcycle Parts Market
Guangzhou Songnan Motorcycle Parts Market

Office supplies, stationery wholesale markets

Office Stamart - Office Accessories Supermarket

Fabrics wholesale markets

The second largest fabric wholesale market in China is Zhongda fabric market. Be prepared to spend some time there if you are unfamiliar or don't speak Chinese. At Highsun Fabrics market you'll find a smaller market in one building more suitable for retail buyers.

Highsun Fabric Market
Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou


Watches wholesale market

Replica watches, no-name watches and Chinese brand watches, at very reasonable prices. There is a huge selection of watches and fittings at Zhangxi lu near the railway station. We cover the whole area in just one page, although it contains several seperated wholesale markets.

Guangzhou watch market

Glasses wholesale markets

At and near Renmin Zhong Lu you will find a few wholesale markets with glasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and optical instruments.

Guangzhou glasses market

Furniture and building material wholesale markets

Huifu Xi Lu tools and hardware wholesale market
Lecong International Furniture Exhibition Center(LFC)
Nanan road building materials market
Tuan Yi International Furniture City

Most of this information is provided by Lee-May, who is an interpreter and sourcing agent in Guangzhou. Pictures are mostly provided by Ben Omarsson