Bai ma garment wholesale market


Baima clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou.Bai ma clothing wholesale market is close to Guangzhou railway station at Zhan Nan Lu (Lu = Road). This is the clothing wholesale centre of Guangzhou, so it's definitely the place to visit for clothing. Bai ma is the most famous clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou.

In Baima market you will find all kinds of clothing, outdoor clothing, street fashion, high fashion, evening wear, casual wear, men's and women's clothing. Basically - if you need clothes, you can find them here. There are 8 floors of wholesale shops here.

Product quality is usually quite good in this market, and therefore the price might be a bit higher than in other markets. Brands are mostly original Chinese brands but you will find fake international brands here as well, and the quality is quite good.

How to get there

Huan Shi Xi Road #194, Guangzhou

Take line 2 or line 5 to Guangzhou railway station, then go to exit G.

Other clothes markets close by

When you get out of exit G you enter into Tianma market which sells accessories, bags, shoes and sunglasses. You can easily do retail here.

Huimei international fashion city is 100 meters away. It offers fashionable clothes for a younger crowd, with many Korean or Japanese designs.

Across the street from Baima is Yima market. Also a large clothes wholesale market with a big selection of clothes.

Map for Bai ma clothing wholesale

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Map showing the location of BaiMa clothing wholesale market:

Information and pictures by Lee-May